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Updated: Mar 10

I have been on my sustainable journey for around 2 years now and we (as a family) are still far from perfect. It's not a race though, we are all slowly but surely making changes to our mindset, and that really is the most important change you can make. It will not happen over night and there will be choices you have to make, some will go against the road you’re trying to take and that’s ok! I personally have found that breaking it down in to different areas of life helps. For example, I’m here with the little green gift company to help you with finding greener gifting options. Again, I haven’t managed to cover all bases just yet but I’m working on it… all the time. Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for on my site, I hope I provide you at least with some

inspiration and ideas of what your special someone might like as a gift. Feel free to send me any suggestions via the Contact section of the website, they are always welcome. I started this journey when I realised how frustrated and disheartened I would feel when my absolutely gorgeous and well meaning family and friends buy us gifts, but they come with so much unnecessary packaging and a heap of plastic. We don’t live minimally, believe me (very difficult with a 6 and 15 year old)! I can really do without new, bulky, plastic items taking up precious room in my house which I will later have to rehome to avoid them going to landfill. I am continually trying to encourage my daughters to think sustainably, I hope this will embed and help them in the future. So this got me thinking about the gift giving tradition and reflecting on what I have given as gifts in the past and what I am willing to give in the future. I believe gifts should be thoughtful and purposeful. I can’t stand the idea of buying stuff for the sake of having to give a ‘thing’ as a token. This links in with the eco ethos of buy less, buy better.

Not your usual business mentality I hear you say! I know, I’m not a particularly business minded person, I’m invested in this journey and business to see and be part of the change. I can’t sit by and do nothing, as a society we need to be reducing the volume of our waste, we need to be more aware of the products we purchase, ingest and apply on to our skin and how those products came to be. It can be hard work to research and find truly eco-friendly, sustainable gifts. It can be quite time consuming and I appreciate that many of us are far too busy so choose convenience over our values at times. That's why I really enjoy doing the research for you, finding the gifts for your loved ones and putting them in one, easy to access place.

This blog is going to updated regularly with various bits of information I think you will find useful, some content will be related to what's going on here at little green HQ, some eco tips and some of what else is going on in the world.

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